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Research Samples

Target Case Study

This case study was completed in the PRAD Corporate Communications course and describes the series of events that occurred after Target publicized its transgender-friendly bathroom policy in response to the controversial passing of the HB2 bill in North Carolina. It attempts to answer a recurring question in today’s society: When should companies take sides on controversial social issues?

Team: Kelsey Taff, Chelsea Trautman, and Andrew Zamorski

Pressbox Strategy Research

In the PRAD Research Methods course, our team was asked to use various qualitative and quantitative research methods to assist a start-up dry cleaning company, called Pressbox, with its communications efforts. The following slide deck includes an overview of the research, findings, and recommendations found by our research team.

Team: Brooke Dahnert, Brooke Lichtman, Rachel Kuchar, and Chelsea Trautman

Chicago Wolves Digital Strategy

This project was completed in the PRAD Digital Media course, which focused on the brand and business impact of digital media. The request was to help the Chicago Wolves, a local minor league hockey team increase ticket sales to millennials. The following deck presents the findings and recommendations, supported by data found using digital analytics tools such as Google Trends, Atlas Infegy, and Sysomos. 

Team: Jonathan Villar, Kola Ogunshote, Ariadna Perez, and Chelsea Trautman

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