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Abercrombie & Fitch Ad Campaign

The following video and campaign plan represent the execution of an advertising project completed in DePaul's Advertising Foundations course. Thorough research enabled our team to create and execute a repositioning strategy to increase sales for Abercrombie & Fitch, a struggling retailer. The campaign aimed to reconnect with millennials by rebranding itself as, "A brand that fits," using a digital approach which included a campaign hashtag, #MyFitchFit, and online video.  


Team: Rafael Bruler, Natasha Janic, Kola Ogunshote, and Chelsea Trautman 

Absolut Content Strategy

The following deck was created in the PRAD Content Strategy course and outlines our solution to a communication issue faced by the Absolut brand. Through secondary research, our team found that Absolut was no longer reaching its target audience because of its image as an icon of the nightclub scene. Our fully integrated content strategy included social media, video, and print advertising to reposition Absolut as a brand that "Absolutly" belongs beyond nightclub walls. 

Team: Rafael Bruler, Natasha Janic, and Chelsea Trautman

Interview with Matt Shattock, CEO, Beam Suntory

In the PRAD Leadership 2.0: Chicago CEOs course, we learned how communications play a vital role in creating effective leaders. Partnering with Gagen MacDonald's Let Go & Lead campaign, our team was asked to interview Matt Shattock, CEO and Chairman of Beam Suntory Inc., to gain insight into his leadership style. 

Team: Natalia Sowa, Chelsea Trautman, and Andrew Zamorski

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